Business Critical Project Management

When may you be interested in this service?

If you have a project that is crucial to your strategy, and in need of an experienced Project Manager that is able to on one hand steer the project and on the other hand continuously align expectations with the stakeholders.

What does this service consist of?

It essentially consists of hands-on project management.


Over 30 years of experience in project management in high-tech environments (military and space technology) especially in the area of product development, in companies as OIP, Verhaert D-D, Verhaert Space, QinetiQ Space, ESSP, Media Lario Technologies, Radboud University Radiolab in Nijmegen.

I also gave courses with respect to project management and the control of development projects at the University of Antwerp Management School in the frame of the MaNaMa Product Innovation and Entrepreneurship from 2006 to 2010.